Fashion & Luxury

We create private tours and personalized itineraries in and around Paris that offer a unique luxury experience to elite travelers.

Thanks to our privileged rapports with luxury brands, you will discover the ancestral craftsmanship and sense the creative inspiration behind the “métiers d’art” at renown maisons.

You will learn what distinguishes French luxury brands. The savoir-faire that so beautifully blends commerce and art is revealed through our intimate tours of fashion museums, master classes on fashion brands, visits to ateliers where you will witness the design of couture, accessories, jewelry or watchmaking or the development beauty and fragrance collections.

Paris Unlimited will offer you some exceptional opportunities to go behind the scenes of the fashion and luxury world. Imagine:

- Viewing the private art collections of a luxury brand’s founding family
- Visiting an iconic fashion designers’ private apartment
- Dropping in on the atelier of a world famous footwear designer
- A visit with a “master nose” to experience the topnotes of a range of fragrances

The ateliers of the legendary craftsmen are rarely disturbed but for Paris Unlimited, exceptions are made. We can deliver you to:

- a master class at Dior on the reinvention of haute couture in today’s media age
- a workshop at Guerlain on the creative process of a fragrance
- the secret studios of renown jewellery and watchmakers where each master craftsman works with concentrated passion creating some of today’s most exceptions timepieces and statement jewellery.
- use our secret addresses to discover coveted items such as vintage Haute Couture gowns, purses and limited edition pieces from prestigious brands.

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