Gastronomy & Wine

We create private tours and personalized itineraries in and around Paris that offer a unique luxury experience to elite travelers.

In the art of fine dining, our highly skilled culinary experts and interpreters will guide your gastronomic and tasting experiences.

Restaurant choices in Paris can be overwhelming. From the Michelin starred restaurants to the bistros loved by local Parisians or–should you feel
nostalgic– the taste of home, we provide recommendations and assist with bookings through a network of contacts that will ensure you receive attentive service from owners and renown chefs.

With access to extraordinary venues in Paris, we can arrange all your entertainment and party planning needs from soirees for business associates to a private function on a yacht on the Seine.

Beyond fine dining, our programmes include wine tastings, market tours, cooking classes, initiation to cheese making processes and wine tours in Champagne, Bordeaux and Burgundy.