What our clients have to say about us:

“We have had such a wonderful time with Marie-France Pochna, in Paris.  She is a gem. We can never thank you enough!”

Vice President of a publishing house, New York

“… Marie-France, You gave us such a wonderful wonderful time!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You gave us so much to think about, and the happiest of memories…
We hope to see you again, and soon!”

- Investment banker and his wife, Boston

“We cannot thank you enough for all that you did for us, we truly had a the most wonderful experience, and the way you orchestrated it was perfect!
The private apartment of Chanel, the jewelry boutique, the Louvre, our lunches, Versailles, walks, etc..not to mention our books that you delivered to us.And thank you for signing mine and for your kind words! I feel like I have gained a new friend!”

- Two Ladies, Dallas

“My invitation to visit the apartment came from a dear Parisian friend of mine who is without a doubt the most beautiful and elegant (not to mention intelligent, being a business school professor) women I have ever met. Think Jeanne Moreau in La Femme Nikita, but prettier.  One day I’m going to ask her to make me over. Until then I’m happy enough for her to share her incredible connections with me.  Merci M-F P!”

- Creative Consultant, France

“It was so pleasant to meet you in Paris and so many shining moments we stayed together. The antiquaires, Chantilly, Polo game, petit hermès and your warm friends…”

- President of a private club, Shanghai

“Thank you for all the kind care during the trip and sharing your rich artisan experiences with us. We feel much closer to Paris and can’t help waiting for the next visit, I’m sure to bring my best friends to come back to meet you.”

Ceo of a luxury brand, Beijing